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The Shani Jayanti 2019 is celebrated ever-year to celebrate the birthday of Lord Shani, the Shani Jayanti is also called Shani Amavasya in other parts of India.

Shani is the son of Lord Suryadev, he rules over Saturn and is the ruler of Saturday.

Shani Jayanti is celebrated only once every year, and it is observed during the Amavasya Tithi which falls on the month of Jyeshtha, a month that is in the North Indian Purnimant Calendar.

If you base it on the South Indian Amavasyant Calendar, the Shani Jayanti falls on the Amavasya Tithi, which is during the month of Vaishakha.

During the Shani Jayanti, the followers of the Hindu Religion fast or does a Vrat and worship Lord Shani and visit Shani Temples near them so they could ask blessing from Lord Shani.

Many believe that if Lord Shani is appeased, he blesses his Devotees with fortune and Good Luck, and people who do not have the blessing of the lord, they will toil for months or even years without getting any reward for their continuous hard work.

Many say that the Shani Jayanti is the best day to do a Homam, Yagya, and a Hawan that would help you please Lord Shani.

The Shani Shanti Puja and the Shani Tailabhishekam are the most common and important pujas that are done during the Shani Jayanti.

The Shanti Puja and the Shani Tailabhishekam are done so that the effect of the Shani Dhosha will be lessened, Shani Dosha is also called as the Sade Sati in Horoscopes.

In different areas of India, the Shani Jayanti is called as Sani Jayanthi or the Shanishchara Jayanti.

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