Simple Yet Effective Activities For Babies 0 To 6 Months

The first 6 months of a baby’s life play a huge role in its future development. As the baby grows up, it is important for him/her to receive nutrients and the right amount of exercise so he/she could have a good growing up. During this stage, parents and caretakers are advised to do a number of things that would increase the motor skills of babies.

During the first 6 months of a baby, we are going to see uncontrolled movements that are called as infant reflexes. Babies also learn how to move their fingers in the first 6 months and they start to make a fist and open their hands once they reach 3 months. Within the first 6 months, babies start to pick thins in an uncontrolled manner and they start to move things from one hand to the other. As time passes by, they get more control in their bodies.

Also, within the first 6 months of the baby, they start to use their neck muscles in the right way. As a person passes by, they can lift their heads up and follow the person. Some babies also start to roll back and forth in the first 6 months.

To maximize the growth capabilities of a baby, it is important for parents or caretakers to do activities for their babies that would benefit them in the long run. Experts suggest activities that increase the development stages of a baby. And to help all the concerned parents out there, we bring you the 10 best activities you can do at home for your infants!

Effective Activities For Babies 0 To 6 Months

  1. Sing And Talk To Your Baby

In the first 6 months, you should start to sing and talk with your baby with exaggerated tones of voices. The things that you should notice are the facial expressions of your babies and see how they react to your voices. This activity will help them develop their language capabilities.

  1. Tracking Activity

In this activity, you will need a colorful toy, which you are going to use to distract your infant. When your infant is lying on their back, you are going to hold the colorful toy and wiggle it slowly. You can also wave the toy side-to-side and catch the attention of the baby. Your main priority for this activity is to encourage the baby to follow the toy with their eyes. This activity is a proven way to develop the visual tracking capabilities of a baby.

  1. Dance With The Baby

This activity will require you to hold the baby close to your chest and playing your favorite dancing song. As the music plays, you can move around with the baby and boogie with the baby. Also, make sure you don’t play the music too loudly. This activity will strengthen the bond of the baby with the parent.

  1. Singing

As your baby cries, the first thing you should do is sing a lullaby in a low and soft tone. If you don’t know any lullaby song, you can search the internet and memorize its lyrics. This activity is going to develop the listening skills and the emotional regulation skills of your infant.

  1. Baby-Safe Mirror

To increase the visual, social, and emotional development skills of your baby, you should show your baby her reflection in the mirror so she can start to understand that there are other people in this world. This activity will require you to stand along with your baby in front of the mirror and ask “who is that”. You can also bring the favorite toy of your baby with you or her older siblings.

  1. Exercise

Your baby is too young to run around and to perform jumping jacks. So the first thing you should do is performing simple exercise activities by yourself. If your infant has good head control, you can lay them on their back and perform sit-ups. You will need to place one hand on the legs of the baby and one hand on their back. Only perform this activity when the baby has good head control. This activity is going to help the baby increase their motor skills and have good control of their head.

  1. Massage

Your baby needs pampering from time-to-time. When your baby is happy, you should massage their body with good baby oil that is full of nutrients. You should slowly massage their back, legs, belly, and arms. Do not apply pressure when you’re massaging the baby, you may end up breaking their bones or causing harm to the baby. This activity is going to help the baby increase its awareness skills.

Note: Before you perform these activities, make sure you ask your doctor about the dos and the don’ts with a baby. Every child has different needs, and doing what the doctor says is the right thing. Also, the things that are mentioned above are some of the activities you can do on babies, there are hundreds more that you can do. 

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