This Gold Toilet Is Worth $1.3 Million And It Has Over 40,000 Diamonds!

If you’re rich, the chances are pretty high that you have something lavish inside your house that you usually show every person who visits it. But we’re sure that you don’t have a Goldfinger toilet.

A lavish golden toilet is currently being surfaced at a trade-in Shanghai, and it is worth $1.3 million USD.

The toilet is made out of gold, and it has over 40,000 diamonds embedded in its seat.

The golden toilet is made by Coronet, a brand that is owned by Aaron Shum.

Shum debuted the high-karat toilet seat at the 2nd China International Import Expo in Shanghai.

Shum told the news agency that the golden toilet seat would be better to be placed at a “diamond art museum so that more people can enjoy it.”

So let’s talk about the specs of the golden loo.

There are more than 40,815 diamonds embedded on the toilet seat and they are clocking in at 334.68 carats in total.

Coronet said the golden loo will be inspected by the Guinness this week to see if their loo qualifies for a world record.

If Guinness does qualify for a world record, this would mark his 10th record. He previously won the most diamonds set in a watch and the most diamonds set in a handbag.

Coronet has also produced a diamond-studded guitar and a pair of pink shoes that are worth $2 million and $4.28 million.

Here are some images and videos of the gold loo:

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