Goa: Rs. 2,000 will be Fined If You Get Caught Drinking Alcohol and Cooking in Public Areas


A law was passed in Goa, the government passed amendments to the Goa Tourist Place Protection and Maintenance Act, 2001, that prohibits cooking and drinking alcoholic beverages in public areas like beaches, the law also disallows breaking bottles in public areas.

If a person gets caught drinking, cooking, or breaking glass in public areas, he or she will be fined for Rs. 2000. If the offense was committed by a group of individuals, they will have to pay Rs. 10,000.

Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar said that the rules are made to “protect and preserve tourism potential of tourist places in Goa and to keep such places clean and free from nuisance.”

On January 24, the Goa Cabinet cleared all the amendments, as demands from the tourism and travel stakeholders were increasing and were blaming the tourism ministry for a big drop in the numbers of tourists visiting the state in the recent years.

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