Doctor Arrested For Running Sex Determination Clinic in Hyderabad

MBBS Doctor Katta Nanda Kishore was arrested in Hyderabad after he was caught conducting prenatal sex determination tests, he was arrested on Sunday in Ibrahimpatnam.

The Telangana Police and SHE Team (a division of their police) arrested MBBS doctor Katta Nanda Kishore from the Prathyusha Scanning Centre in Ibrahimpatnam.

In a statement released by the police, it said that MBBS doctor Katta Nanda Kishore was running illegal prenatal sex determination tests for the past 3 years, they also added that there was a mediator helping.

A pregnant police officer reached the Prathyusha Scanning Centre that was being run by MBBS doctor Katta Nanda Kishore through the mediator.

MBBS doctor Katta Nanda Kishore charged Rs. 7000 for the Prenatal Sex Determination Tests.

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