Hyderabad: Invents Alcohol Detector

22-year-old Sai Teja who is a 10th pass man from Hyderabad invented a new system that can help avoid road accidents, he invented a smart system that can detect the driver’s alcohol consumption.

The smart detector can detect the driver’s alcohol level, if the detector detects alcohol in the driver’s system it will not turn on the car, and it will also send a text message to alert those people whose numbers are in the configured system.

22-year-old Sai Teja said: “I stopped studying after 10th class due to some reasons, but was interested in electrons and use to gain knowledge from the internet. Learned to code from internet and invented a new alcohol detector which restricts the vehicle engine to start if the driver has consumed more than 30 percent of alcohol.”

22-year-old Sai Teja explained the smart detector and added: “A text SMS is sent to the numbers which are saved by micro-controller in the device with vehicle number. It took me 15 days to invent this device, it has been priced Rs. 2500.”

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