3 Indians Arrested For Brutally Raping And Assaulting 75-Year-Old Mentally Ill Woman

Kerala, India: A 75-year-old woman was raped and abused by 3 men this week.

According to local authorities, 3 people, which includes a 66-year-old woman, have been arrested by the police.

The police said that the incident happened on Sunday in rural Ernakulam of Kerala.

Apparently, the elderly woman was raped at the house of a neighbor, who has been identified as Omana.

Manoj, the 46-year-old son of the neighbor, and Mohammed Shafi, a 50-year-old, was arrested by the police.

According to an Indian News Report, K Karthick, District Police Chief, Rural Ernakulam said:

While one of the accused raped her, the other, who was drunk, assaulted her brutally.

The victim was admitted to a private medical college hospital on the evening of Sunday.

A medical examination showed that the woman had suffered deep wounds in her private parts.

She also sustained injuries on her chest and stomach areas.

The woman also has mental health and memory loss issues brought by her old age.

The elderly woman underwent emergency surgeries at the hospital on Monday.

During surgery, the doctors said that the woman had more horrific injuries.

Doctors said that her internal organs, urinary bladder, and intestine was badly injured during the rape incident.

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