40-Year-Old Woman Beats Up 19-Year-Old Girl In India For Calling Her “Auntie” In Market

As we grow older, our temper gets worse and there’s little that we can do to control it.

The best example of the sentence that we just wrote above is a story that is viral on social media right now.

A woman in India, who is 40 years old, reportedly beat up a 19-year-old girl after the girl called her Auntie.

It hurts when someone reminds you that you are old, right?

The video that we are talking about shows a group of women assaulting a girl in the middle of a market in Uttar Pradesh, India.

According to reports on the internet, the fight broke out at a market in Etah, Uttar Pradesh.

Hundreds of women were shopping in the market in order to get ready for Karva Chauth, an annual fasting festival for women in India.

It is said that the group of women assaulted the young girl after the 19-year-old girl called one of the women “aunty”.

The woman was reportedly angered by the incident, and as a result, she started to push the 19-year-old girl and started to slap her.

Official reports suggest that the horrible incident happened in Babuganj Market on the evening of Monday.

Live Hindustan, a local news agency in India, shared the video on Twitter, where it went viral right away.

In the video that they had shared, a group of women could be seen hitting the girl, who was wearing a blue jacket.

She also had a white scarf on her face.

One of the women then pulled the scar that the girl had on her face, and others started to grab the girl by the head, and a woman came to slap the girl.

A brawl literally broke out because a girl called the woman auntie.

A woman that was wearing a black top was continuously hitting the 19-year-old girl.

Luckily, a female cop was at the scene and she stopped the fight right away.

At the end of the video, the police officer was still at the scene and she was there to make sure that the fight does not break out again.

Even after the fight, the women were still exchanging words with each other.

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