86-Year-Old Woman Begged 33-Year-Old Attacker To Stop Raping Her As She Was “Like His Grandmother”

People in India were left disgusted after the news was shared on the internet and news agencies about an 86-year-old woman being raped.

It was reported by multiple news agencies that an 86-year-old grandmother was brutally raped and assaulted by a 33-year-old man.

The poor woman told her attacker to stop assaulting her because she was like his grandmother.

The man was arrested by the police.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the woman was waiting on her doorstep in New Delhi for the evening milkman when the attacker came and pretended to help her.

The man told the elderly woman that he would be helping her get milk.

Swati Maliwal, the head of the Delhi Commission for Women, explained what happened during an interview with BBC, where she said:

He told her that her regular milk delivery man wasn’t coming and offered to take her to the place where she could get milk.

The elderly woman trusted the man and accompanied him to find milk but instead, he took the woman to a nearby farm and raped her there.

Ms. Swati Maliwal narrated the incident to BBC:

She kept crying and begging him to leave her. She told him that she was like his grandmother. But he ignored her pleas and assaulted her mercilessly when she tried to resist and protect herself.

Villagers and locals heard the pleas and cries of the elderly woman.

Upon investigating, they saw the rape being carried out and rescued her, they also caught the rapist and handed him over to the police.

The elderly woman is currently at her home, recovering from the trauma that she had gotten in the horrible incident.

On Tuesday this week, Ms. Swati Maliwal visited the elderly woman at her house.

The elderly woman has bruises all over her face, body, is having vaginal bleeding, and is facing extreme trauma.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and her family.

The Delhi Commission for Women and other officials in New Delhi are demanding the death penalty for the rapist.

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