Burglar Breaks Into House But Fell Asleep Under The Bed Because Of Air-Conditioned Room, Gets Arrested

In a burglary attempt that went horribly wrong in India, a thief decided to sleep in a comfortable bed and turned on the air-conditioning, but got arrested after all.

A 21-year-old man that tried to rob a house in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh fell asleep under the bed of the owner in the middle of the night.

He ended up getting caught.

Suri Babu, a resident of Gokarvam village, attempted the theft on September 12, 2020, but it went horribly wrong.

Babu reportedly observed where Satti Venkat Reddy, an owner of a petrol station, was headed every day and what his time schedule was.

He also got to know where the man kept his money.

On September 12, Babu entered the unlocked house of Reddy and got inside the Room of Reddy, who was sleeping.

Reddy also placed some money on the table that night.

But it wasn’t the money that took the eye and heart of Babu, it was the cold temperature of the room.

Babu was tired, so when he was trying to steal, he ended up sleeping under the bed of Room.

Babu was so tired that Reddy got up because of Babu’s snoring.

The owner of the house tip-toed out of his room and called the authorities.

Babu was arrested by the police later that day.

It was later revealed that Babu ran a small sweet shop, but did not make a lot of money. He was also drowned in debts.

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