Caught On Cam: Adorable Cat Enjoys Bike Ride In India

In the most recent “what” moment, a cat was seen enjoying a bike ride in Mumbai, India, and the image of the cat is winning the hearts of everyone.

Pictures of the cat riding a bike calmly have gone viral on Twitter, where the image was first shared on Wednesday.

The picture of the cat on Twitter shows the cute little furry fella holding onto the backseat of the two-seater.

Dhrutzpah shared the images on Twitter and quoted, “This is so dope man I wish I could trust my cat as much.”

Throughout the short journey of the cat, the cat was really cool and did not even flinch or get scared of all the horns and cars around it.

The exact location of the incident is still unknown, but netizens saw the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority logo in the background.

The license plate of the motorcycle also suggests the picture was taken in a part of Mumbai.

Here are some of the comments people made by people on the image that was tweeted:

Since being shared on Twitter by Weeb, the images of the cat have collected over 2450 likes, 400 retweets, and over 65 tweets.

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