Drunk Mechanic Takes Customer’s Mercedes For Joyride, Ends Up Crashing It Into Auto-Rickshaw And Injuring 3 People

Mechanics are really great at fixing cars, but no one really talks about how they drive the vehicle after fixing it.

In New Delhi, India, a joyride turned into a nightmare for a car mechanic.

The Mercedes car that he was driving ended up hitting an auto-rickshaw and injured 3 pedestrians in south-east Delhi, the car was owned by a customer.

Alam, the mechanic, was under the influence of alcohol and has been arrested by the police.

The police said that Alam is a resident of New Seelampur, New Delhi.

During an interview with the police, he told them that the car belonged to one of his patients, who left it at his shop for some repair.

The man said that he had alcohol and took the car with his friends and a woman for a ride.

RP Meena, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southeast), said:

When he reached near Sarai Kale Khan red light, the car went out of control and hit the auto-rickshaw. It jumped the divider and hit three pedestrians.

He tried to restart the car, however, it did not work.

In the meantime, a crowd gathered around the accident stop and stopped Alam from getting away.

3 beer bottles, food, and the passengers were inside the car when the police arrived/

Brijesh, Suresh, and Mahender, the 3 pedestrians, were rushed to the AIIMS Trauma Center in New Delhi after the incident.

Sachin, the driver of the auto-rickshaw, managed to get out of the incident without sustaining any life-threatening or serious injuries.

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