Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire Draw: 2 Indians Win 1 Million USD Each In Lottery

Dubai: 2 Indians in Dubai won one million each in Dubai Duty Free Raffle on Tuesday, and another Indain won a luxury Mercedes Benz car in the same draw.

71-year-old Jaya Gupta and Ravi Ramchand Bachani, the two Indian nationals who won in the draw, are going home with One Million Dollars each.

Gupta, who runs a business in Dubai, said her winnings are the blessings that she received from God and her mother.

Gupta said, “It is their blessings that has got me this far in life.”

Jaya has been buying a ticket for the Dubai Duty-Free Raffle Draw for 15 years now, she has been living in Dubai for 35 years.

Jaya bought her ticket before her flight to Mumbai, she said she was on her way to India to meet her mother.

Jaya added, “Every time the sales girls wishes me best of luck. This time I told the sales girl to pick the number for me and I won. It feels amazing. I am elated to say the least. I have been screaming and telling my loved ones about the win.”

Jaya does not know what she would do with the 1 Million USD she won.

She explained, “I have some debts to settle, I will invest some money in my business and some good part will go towards charity. I also want to buy a house for my two adopted daughters who are in India.”

Bachani, who is a 37-year-old man who has been living in Dubai for 14 years and has been running a cloth store, said, “This is amazing, I cannot believe that I am now a dollar millionaire. Thank you so much Dubai Duty Free!”

Another Indian national won a luxury Mercedes Benz Car in the same draw.

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