Eighth Wonder Of The World? ‘Incredible Wall of Ahmedabad’ Built For President Trump’s Visit 

It’s believed to be one of the most costly ‘Namastes’ India could have ever given to an ‘Athithi.’

As the arrangement worth Rs 80-85 crore finds some conclusion for US President’s three-hour visit, the image of the wall worked to cover a slum for ‘aesthetic’ purposes has left individuals on the social media miffed.

Indeed, even before Trump could go to India, a wall – which the President is fixated on – advanced toward Ahmedabad. The brick wall, which has been painted dim, has been raised over a 400-meter stretch, primarily to disguise the messiness of the slum settlement. The wall is set along the way where the ‘iconic’ Trump-Modi roadshow is planned to occur on February 24.

The move has been drawing fire from different areas of social media, where individuals called attention to the ‘truth’ was being disguised. Individuals on Twitter really wanted to see the administration’s urgent need to depict the nation in a positive light to an outsider.

Eighth Wonder Of The World? 'Incredible Wall of Ahmedabad' Built For President Trump's Visit 

Some hammered the ‘Great Wall Of Ahmedabad’ saying the cash spent on the divider could have, in any case, been put to use to better the condition of the slum occupants.

Safeguarding the choice to fabricate the wall, Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra stated, “The choice to manufacture a 4 feet divider was taken two months prior to forestall encroachment on pathway and street.”

“I had personally visited the slum and offered houses to the occupants,” he included.

Aside from charming Trump with the wall, authorities have gone hard and fast, propelling a Swachh Bharat Mission at the absolute a minute ago with an end goal to clean up for him – something much the same as what we would do at home for an unannounced visitor!

US President Donald Trump and First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, are planned to show up at the Sardar Vallabhai Airport in the home-state of PM Modi today. During his two-day visit, Trump will visit three Indian urban areas – Ahemdabad, Delhi, and Agra. On Tuesday night, he will fly back to Washington.

A 12-part delegation, including the President’s daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner, will show up in India.

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