Ahmedabad: Bus Splits In Half After Colliding With Pillar Of An Underpass

From a single piece to 2.

Ahmedabad, India: A picture that is viral on the internet right now shows a bus split in half after it appeared to have collided with the pillar of an underpass bridge.

According to official reports, the bus reportedly collided with the pillar of an underpass in the Akhbarnagar area of Ahmedabad.

A report by ANI suggests that the incident happened on Wednesday of this week.

The incident left the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) vehicle into two pieces.

You can see the damage in the image that was shared by ANI, a news agency in India.

According to Vishal Khanama, the Ahmedabad Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) General Manager, no passenger was injured in the incident when the incident happened.

ANI said in their report that the driver and the supervisor of the bus were inside when the horrible accident happened.

No one sustained devastating injuries, confirmed local news agencies in India.

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