Elderly Indian Woman Escapes Unhurt Despite Being Run Over By Massive Truck

Not today death, not today.

When it’s not your time to go, you will escape unhurt and the best example of this is a story that is viral in Tamil Nadu, India, right now.

A woman from India was caught on cam escaping unhurt after being run over by a massive truck.

According to reports, the incident happened in Tiruchengode.

The entire incident was caught by a CCTV in the area and it was shared on social media, where it went viral.

The 54-second long video, which was shared on Twitter by CGTN, shows the elderly woman standing in the middle of the road holding a plastic packet in her hand.

After some time, a yellow massive truck could be seen running her over before it took a right turn.

Yes, that happened.

The best thing that happened in the incident is that the woman managed to escape the entire horrible incident without a single scratch on her.

Yes, without any injuries!

The woman then signaled help towards other people that were on the road.

It was later said that the driver of the truck failed to see the woman while they were making a turn.

Authorities did not reveal what happened to the woman and the driver after the horrible incident that was caught on cam.

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