Elephant That Fell Inside A 50-Foot Well Is Rescued By Tamil Nadu Fire Department In 16 Hour Long Operation

The rescue mission was a success!

A female elephant that fell into a deep well in an agricultural farm in Tamil Nadu was successfully rescued by forest officers!

The elephant reportedly fell inside a well that is located in a farm in Panchapalli Village of Tamil Nadu’s Dharmapuri.

A 16-hour rescue mission was carried out by the fire department to get the massive elephant out of the well.

The well is around 50 feet deep and it belongs to a farmer who has been identified as Venkatachalam.

The Dharmapuri Fire Department said that the Venkatachalam had heard an Elephant’s trumpet and looked for it.

After he looked inside the well, he saw the elephant.

He called the authorities right away.

A team of forest officials rushed to the spot yesterday and rescued the elephant by using 2 cranes.

A team of doctors and activists were also present at the spot.

A video of the incident was shared on social media and it shows the elephant perfectly calm while it was being lifted out of the 50 feet deep well.

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