Father Sells 3-Month-Old Daughter For $1,370 To Buy Mobile Phone And Motorcycle

A farm laborer in Karnataka, India, is currently being hunted down by the police for selling his 3-month-old daughter for Rs. 1,00,000 ($1,368 USD) to a couple who had no child.

At first, you might think poverty played a huge role in this, however, that was not the main reason behind the horrible incident.

It was reported to the police that the farmer wanted to buy a motorcycle and a mobile phone after selling his daughter.

Acting on a tip-off, the women and child welfare department officials of the Karnataka state rescued the 3-month-old child.

The incident happened earlier this week.

The incident took place at Tinakal village in Chikkaballapur district.

The mother of the girl has been detained and the father of the 3-month old girl is currently at large.

The sad part about this is that this is not the first time the couple tried to sell their baby.

At the time when she was born, her parents tried to sell her off to some people in Bengaluru, but that did not work.

Another person came to know about the plans of the parents and negotiated a deal with them on behalf of a childless couple.

The parents sold the baby to that man for Rs. 1,00,000.

After selling the baby daughter, the man went on a shopping spree, where he purchased a smartphone for Rs. 15,000 and a motorcycle for Rs. 50,000.

The neighbors of the man grew suspicious about the couple after realizing that the newborn daughter had been missing.

It was later revealed that the baby was sold to a childless couple in Maamachanahalli village.

The police said that the husband of the wife told her that she will be facing dire consequences if she would not support the plans that he had for the baby girl.

The baby was rescued by the authorities and is currently at an adoption center.

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