Father Who Desperately Wanted A Son Buries 17-Day-Old Daughter Alive In India

Indian parents are known for preferring to have a boy rather than a girl in their households, and it has a long history of violence against women, especially with babies.

In the most recent case, a 29-year-old father from Tamil Nadi was arrested by the police on November 5, 2019, after authorities found out that he killed his 17-day old daughter by burying her alive.

D Varadharajan, the 29-year-old father, reportedly buried the 17-year-old girl alive on the Thenpannai Riverbed at Athandamaruthur Village near Tirukovilur.

Authorities said this is the second infant homicide attempt of the father.

Investigations revealed that the father first wanted to kill the baby when she was only 3-days-old but was stopped by his relatives and house members.

Varadharajan is a farmer in Vadamaruthur village and got married to Saundharya, who belongs to the Sundaresapuram village, 15-months ago.

The couple was living on their farmhouse at Athandamaruthur Village.

Investigations found out that Varadharajan was disappointed after Saundharya gave birth to a girl at the Jipmer Hospital in Puducherry, Tamil Nadu.

On November 5, 2019, Saundharya was sleeping when her husband took their baby to the Thenpennai riverbed, which is located 500 meters away from their house.

The 29-year-old father dug a pit and buried the infant alive.

Saundharya woke up by 4 am in the morning when she realized that their baby daughter was missing, she started to scream out for help.

The villagers then called the police, and Varadharajan was arrested as he was the primary suspect.

Varadharajan confessed the crime to the relatives of the woman and to the villagers, who later alerted the Tirukovilur Police.

The body of the baby was recovered by the authorities, which was in a bad shape.

Varadharajan told the police that he was confident about his wife that she would give birth to a baby boy.

Before his wife gave birth, Varadharajan told his relatives that he won’t keep the baby if his wife gives birth to a girl.

29-year-old Varadharajan is currently facing charges under the Indian Penal Code section 302 (punishment for murder), section 315, and section 498a.

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