Elephant Dies In Agony After Being Set On Fire By Indian Villagers

An Elephant in India passed away in agony after they were set on fire by horrible villagers.

According to reports, the elephant was set on fire by locals in order to scare it away.

But it did not work that way.

The fire got stuck on its ear, which cause the poor little one to run away in total agony.

Images that were shared on social media shows the male elephant, who was 40, being set on fire.

The incident happened in Tamil Nadu, a state in Southern India.

Villagers threw burning objects at the elephant before the tire got stuck up there.

The poor animal ended up suffering burns on the back and ear of the animal.

Forest rangers were called to the scene.

Upon arrival, tehy found the animal in a very weak condition and tried to take it at a elephant for medical treatment.

Authorities used tranquilizers and Kumki elephants to catch it.

As the authorities were bringing the elephant to the camp, the poor one died away.

Prasath, Raymond Dean, and Ricky Rayan are the 3 people that burned the animal.

Authorities have arrested 2 of the 3 and the last one is yet to be detained.

The police said that the 2 have been sent for remand.

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