Ghaziabad: Woman sleeping inside her house is attacked with acid, suspect on the run

The Ghaziabad police are currently on the lookout for a suspect that reportedly threw acid at a woman while she was sleeping inside their house.

A report that was released by the police earlier today.

The woman, who is 23, was sleeping inside their house when the incident happened.

The victim was admitted to the Safdarjung Hospital in the national capital.

The incident happened at the house of the woman, which is located in Muradnagar, Ghaziabad.

The woman is currently in a stable condition and the accused reportedly managed to escape from the spot.

The accused has not been identified.

The incident reportedly happened at around 3:30 am of today.

The family of the woman woke up after they heard the screams of the woman, who was not identified due to legal reasons in the country.

The brother of the woman said that she was screaming because of burning sensation of pain.

After some time, the family of the woman realized that acid had been thrown at the woman.

The family of the woman rushed outside the house, however, the accused managed to jump over the walls and escape.

The victim was brought to a local clinic, where doctors told her that acid was thrown at her and they referred her to the Safdarjung Hospital.

She is said to be out of danger.

SP Neeraj Kumar Jadaun released a statement about the incident, where they said:

He said that the police will record the statement of the survivor after she recovers. The family has so far not named anyone. We are trying to ascertain his identity of the accused.

An official case has been filed for the incident, confirmed the authorities.

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