Honor Killing: 28-Year-Old Indian Man Kidnapped And Killed For Marrying A Woman That Belonged To A Superior Caste

Hemanth Kumar, an interior designer by profession, was kidnapped and killed for marrying a girl that belongs to an upper caste.

The incident happened in Hyderabad, India.

It is believed that 28-year-old Hemant was abducted and strangled in a car by several relatives of the girl and 2 hired killers.

On June 11, 2020, Kumar got married to Avanthi Reddy.

The police said that the parents and other relatives of Reddy had been doing everything to eliminate him.

The Hyderabad Police have arrested 14 people in the incident.

Archana Reddy and Lakshma Reddy, the parents of the woman, have been arrested by the police, confirmed local news agencies.

Guduru Yugender Reddy, the maternal uncle of the woman, Guduu Sandeep Reddy, the brother of Yugender, and Ardham Ranjith Reddy, Ardham Rakesh Reddy, Keesari Rajitha, Yellu Santhosh Reddy, K Sandeep Reddy, Ardham Spandana and Yellu Swapna, the other relatives of the woman, have been arrested by the police.

Shaik Pathan and Buchi Yadav, the 2 hired killers, have been arrested by the police too.

All of the 14 people have been sent to judicial custody following a court hearing.

Deputy Commissioner of Police M Venkateshwarulu said that the couple was abducted from their house.

Avanthi managed to jump out of the car and alerted the police, by the time the police got to know the whereabouts of Hemanth, he was already killed.

His body was dumped in a bushy near the Sangareddy town, which is around 50 kilometers away from Hyderabad.

Police investigations revealed that Hemanth and Avanthi had known each other for 8 years as they lived in the same area.

On June 10, 2020, the 2 eloped from their houses and got married on June 11, 2020.

Avanthi belongs from the Reddy caste and Hemanth belongs from the Bania Community.

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