Hundreds Of Bats Fall Out Dead From The Sky In India, Carcasses Sent For COVID-19 Testing

Ballia, Uttar Pradesh: Samples of bat carcasses were found in the Bishunpur Village, UP, have been sent for testing at a lab in Bareilly to ascertain the reason behind their death.

According to reports, panic came along with the news of the dead bats because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Shraddha Yadav, a District Forest Officer, released a statement about the incident, where she said:

Our team has collected samples of four dead bats from the village. These have been now sent for testing to ascertain the reason behind their death. Our field staff has found 10-20 carcasses of bats.

Many researchers and health officials believe that the coronavirus pandemic started from a bat, which was the host of the deadly disease.

The disease, which started from Wuhan, China, is believed to have come from a bat, which got consumed by the patient zero.

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, villagers got worried about the death of the bats.

Jai Prakash Yadav, a resident of the village, said:

I request the authorities to take the required action as we are worried about the current situation. We have heard that bats are the carriers of COVID-19.

Bablu, a social worker that is in the Bishunpur Village, said:

Thousands of bats live on the trees of Bishanpur village. Recently, it has been noticed that nearly 50 bats are dying every day. After which, the Health Department and Forest Department were informed about the situation.

A video, shared on May 26, reportedly showed one of the furry mammals lying helplessly on the dirt while trying in vain to crawl.

It is said around 300 bats were found dead in the state of UP in the past week.

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