India: Female Doctor Gave Anesthesia To Husband And Children Before Killing Them And Committing Suicide

Nagpur, India: The death of a family is currently being investigated by the authorities after it surfaced that a doctor in the family was behind the horrible killing.

According to reports, Dr. Sushma Rane was found dead inside their house after killing her husband and 2 children.

The incident happened in Nagpur, India.

Authorities said that the doctor gave strong anesthesia to her family before killing them.

Dr. Rane was found dead at her house along with the bodies of Dhiraj, her husband, and 2 children, who are aged 11 and 5.

They were found dead at their house in Koradi, Nagpur.

Dhiraj worked as a professor at a college in the city and Dr. Rane worked at the Avanti Hospital in Nagpur.

The Koradi police station released a statement about the incident, where they said:

She went to the hospital along with her daughter on a scooty around 6 am on Tuesday and brought a vial of anesthetic drug “After coming back home, she allegedly injected her husband and two children with a heavy dose of the anesthetic and then hanged herself. The police recovered two syringes from the room where bodies of Dhiraj and the two children were found, and another syringe and an empty vial of anesthesia was found in the backyard of the house. Some empty liquor bottles were also recovered from the house. Dhiraj used to consume liquor at home.

The bosses at the Avanti Hospital said they were unaware of any problems that the family was facing.

Teachers and the principal at the GH Raisoni Institute of Information Technology, where Dhiraj worked as a professor, said they had no idea about problems in the family.

An autopsy was done on the bodies of the family members.

They were then handed over for last rights.

An official investigation has been launched for the deaths of the 4 family members.

Friends and family members of the couple are currently being questioned by the authorities.

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