Indian Father Dedicated To Help Son Achieve His Dreams Pedals Bicycle For 105 Kilometers To Take Him To Exam Centre

Dhar, Madhya Pradesh: A man in Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district has bicycled over 100 kilometers to take his son to the examination centre because he is keen on helping him achieve his dreams in life.

Shobharam, the hard-working father, took Ashish, his son, to the examination center that is located 105 kilometers away on a bicycle.

The father and son are from the Baidipura village.

Shobharam covered the distance in just 7 hours.

Images and the story of the father and son are currently viral on the internet.

Ashish, the boy, had appeared in the Class 10 examinations of the Board of Secondary Education.

Due to the fact that public transportation was not available amidst this pandemic, Shobharam decided to take his son to the examination center with his bicycle.

The father also brought a bed along with him so he could sleep.

Shobharam said he could not afford to stay in lavish hotels, this is why he brought a bed along with him.

Talking about his dreams, Shobharam said:

Though I am a labourer and not a literate, I have a dream for my son that he becomes an officer. Since there is no teacher and tuition available in the village, my son couldn’t get good marks in three subjects. We came here since my son didn’t want to lose the opportunity to write the exam again and pass it.

The son of Shobharam is supposed to take his exams under the MP State Open School Board’s Ruk Jana Nahi scheme under where the student of Class 10 or 12 who could not pass the main examinations that are conducted by the MP Board of Secondary Education are given another chance to clear the test.

The re-exam centre was chosen at the district headquarters, so instead of letting the chance go, the father and son duo went on to travel 105 kilometers.

Let’s talk about hard work and dedication eh.

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