Indian Police Officer Arrested For Sleeping With Colleague After Promising To Marry Her

Ramgarh, Jharkhand: A police constable from the Jharkhand Police Department was arrested by the police for sleeping with his colleague.

According to reports, the constable had sex with another officer, who is a sub-inspector rank, on the pretext of marrying her one day.

The woman said she was repeatedly “raped” by the 28-year-old constable, who was not identified by the authorities.

The 2 police officers were posted at the Mandu Police Station, which is located 72 kilometers away from Ranchi, the capital of the Jharkhand state.

The news was confirmed by Superintendent of Police Prabhat Kumar after an interview with PTI.

The police officer registered an official complaint against the constable after he refused to marry her. Not only that, but the constable also married a different person.

The police constable was arrested based on the complaint of the woman police officer.

The police said that they are investigating the matter.

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