Indian Police Officers Run In Fright After 4-Foot-Long Crocodile Got Inside A Police Station

Dudhwa, Lakhimpur Kheri: Police officers at the Pallia Kotwali had to run in fright after a 4-foot long young crocodile managed to get inside a police station building on the evening of October 17, 2019.

According to local news agencies, the Dhudhwa Buffer Zone Forest Officials were brought in to capture the wild reptile.

Anil Kumar Patel, the deputy director of the Dudhwa buffer zone, said the crocodile was captured safely and was released in the Dudhwa area.

Officer Patel said that the buffer zone forest staff has been asked to do a program that will capture all stray crocodiles that are hiding in the drains of the city.

According to reports, the young crocodile got inside the police station by 9 pm of October 17, 2019.

The forest department officials managed to take the reptile away without hurting it.

Pallia Kotwali is near a large drain, which is known as a shelter for crocodiles and other wild animals when the area gets flooded.

The young crocodile was captured by the forest officials and was released in its natural habitat, in the Dudhwa Area of Lakhimpur Kheri.

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