Indian Politician Shares Video Of How To Clean Hands, Gets Trolled For Failing To Turn Off Faucet

Nusrat Jahan, an Actor-Politician, took part in the WHO’s (World Health Organization) Safe Hands Challenge, which was started so people all over the world would know how to properly wash their hands as part of the efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Jahan, a Trinamool Congress MP, shared a short clip on Instagram last night, which shows her properly washing her hands.

The Safe Hands Challenge is a preventive measure that is recommended by doctors and WHO to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The actor turned politician did the right thing spreading awareness of the challenge, however, she faced criticism for keeping the water on while she was washing her hands.

In the video, Jahan can be heard saying: “Washing hands is the most important thing that we all have to do” at regular intervals to fight coronavirus.”

While sharing the video, she said, “Let us all take precautionary measures and wash our hands every hour to prevent COVID-19. Remember to not wastewater.”

The video that Jahan shared has over 222,000 views, 756 comments, and 42,786 likes.

After watching the video, a person said, “Please close the tap… you are wasting water unnecessarily.”

Another user said, “You should have closed the tap while you were rubbing your hands with soap. This will save water.”

A third user said, “Good message but could have delivered it without wasting water.”

A fourth user said, “Don’t waste water either.”

Not only that, but MP Jahan also did not follow the guidelines of the WHO, where they said that people should use towels to turn off the faucet.

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