Indian Residents Wake Up To Find Beer, Brandy, And Rum Mixture Coming Out Of Kitchen Faucets

Residents in India woke up to find beer, brandy, and rum mixture coming out of there kitchen faucets.

Residents in an apartment building in Kerala, India, discovered the free mixed drinks coming out of their tap faucets in their kitchens earlier this week.

A smelly combination of beer, brandy, and rum reportedly came out of the faucets in Kerala on Monday after water well became contaminated.

The local government said the liquor started to come out of the faucets after nearly 6000 liters of confiscated alcohol were buried in a pit nearby, which got spilled and made its way to a water well that was being used by the residents to get water.

Joshy Malyiekkal, the owner of the apartment complex, released a statement about the incident, where he talked about how the spillage affected the daily lives of the residents.

He said, “The children couldn’t go to school and even their parents couldn’t go to work.”

The local government said they will be cleaning up the well.

According to reports, the clean-up operation will take at least 1 month to finish.

The owner of the apartment complex said, “They’ve been supplying about 5,000 liters of water daily, but it is not enough to cover all the families in our building.”

Kerala, a state in India, has the highest consumption of alcohol in the entire country of India, which has a population of over 1,352,642,280 as of 2018.

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