Indian Woman Cuts Tongue In Offering To Deity So She Could Get Missing Daughter-In-Law Back

Bihar, India: A superstitious woman cut off her tongue as an offering to a deity so that her missing daughter-in-law would come back to their house safely.

According to the police, the incident happened on Sunday (August 16, 2020).

Lakshmi Nirala, a domestic helper in Jharkhand, cut off her tongue in an offering to a deity to get Jyoti, her daughter-in-law, back to their house in a safe manner.

Jyoti and her child went missing on the evening of August 14, 2020.

Nandu Lal Nirala, the husband of Jyoti, said that they searched for Jyoti on the entire day of Friday, however, they failed to find her.

He added:

We searched for Jyoti throughout the night on Friday, but could not find her. Later, I went to the police with my son but was told to come next morning. Since Saturday was Independence Day, we went to police in the evening.

Laxmi, who is in her 40s, cut off her tongue and offered it to a deity in the religion of Hindu.

The police said that someone advised her to do the mindless act.

Nadu, the husband of Laxmi, said:

Someone told her that if she offers her tongue to the deity, Jyoti would return.

At first, Laxmi refused to get medical treatment, but she had to go due to the pain that she was feeling and after being convinced.

She got medical attention from the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College Hospital, Jamshedpur.

Laxmi is currently in a stable condition, however, she cannot talk because of the injuries that she sustained.

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