Man Buys Ambulance For Poor People So He Could Them After He Could Not Get One For His Grandmother

Last week, Shiju Shaij, a resident of Kerala, ended up buying an ambulance because of the death of his grandmother, which was a result of failing to bring her to a medical facility due to the lack of ambulances in their area.

The incident happened in Chunakkara village in Alapuzha district from the Indian state of Kerala.

Reports suggest that Shiju spent at least 6 hours to find an ambulance for his 95-year-old grandmother, but he failed.

She had severe chest pain.

The family ended up bringing the woman in a car, but it was already too late as his grandmother had passed away.

After the death of his grandmother, Shaij realized that he should do something to help others.

He ended up purchasing an ambulance and decided to help others that are in need.

During an interview with the local news agencies, he said that he wants to offer the ambulance for free for people that have no money to avail his services.

Ambulance shortage is a long-standing issue in India, especially in areas that are extremely far and are located in rural India.

Along with the pandemic situation in India, the incident is just getting worse.

It’s good to hear that someone is trying to make a difference with their small act.

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