Muslim Woman Seeks Divorce From “Perfect” Husband Because He Does Not Fight With Her

A woman from India has approached a Sharia court because her husband does not fight with her, wanting to put an end to their short 18-month marriage.

Sharia courts are used in India to end small disputes and sometimes put ends in marriages.

In this case, it was reported that the Muslim woman wanted to file a divorce application so she could put an end to her marriage with her husband.

The reason? Very simple, he was not fighting with her.

The woman said that her husband’s love was suffocating her.

The woman approached a Sharia Court in the country 18 months after their marriage.

She released a statement in the court, where she said:

He does not shout at me and neither has he upset me on any issue. He even cooks for me and also helps me in performing household chores. Whenever I make a mistake, he always forgives me for that. I wanted to argue with him. I do not need a life where the husband agrees to anything.

The Sharia court Cleric expectedly rejected her plea for divorce.

The cleric said that the case of the woman was “frivolous”.

After the Sharia court refused to grant her divorce, the woman took up the matter to her local panchayat, head of the village.

They also denied her plea.

The husband of the woman said that he loved his wife and was doing his best to keep her happy.

He also requested the Sharia court to stop the case.

The court ended up requesting the couple to resolve the matter in a mutual way.

Perhaps the man should start fighting with his wife again?

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