New Delhi Man Finds Half Lizard In Sambar-Dosa At Well-Known Restaurant, Complaint Filed

New Delhi, India: A group of men that were eating at the Sarvana Bhawan, a South Indian Restaurant, in the Connaught Palace found a half-lizard in their sambar-dosa dish.

The Sarvana Bhawan is a popular and well-known restaurant in New Delhi, but its reputation has been brought down by the incident.

The restaurant is located in the posh market area, which is known for its luxury hotels, high-end eateries, and shopping complexes.

In the video that is viral on social media, 2 men could be seen holding out the carcass of the lizard on a spoon.

Half-eaten food could also be seen in the background.

A man could also be heard shouting:

I have eaten some bites (from the sambar bowl). Half of the lizard is missing.

The men then took pictures of the restaurant menu, which showed the name of the restaurant.

The men also registered a complaint against the restaurant to the police.

According to NDTV, a news agency in India, a case has been registered for the incident.

It is not known if the men got a refund or an apology after they found a lizard in the south Indian dish that they ordered.

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