Noida Identical Twins Get Identical Scores In CBSE Class 12 Exams

Noida, India: Identical twins from India got identical scores in their class 12 CBSE exams and the internet is amazing.

Manasi and Manya, the identical twins, scored 95.8 percent in each of the board exams.

The twins are students of the Aster Public School in Greater Noida, which is located near New Delhi, the capital state of India.

The twins scored 98 in English and Computer Science and 95 each in Physics, Chemistry, and Physical Education.

During an interview with the press, Manasi said:

Everybody remembers us for identical looks and it’s only our names that differentiate us. We were confident about scoring well but were not hoping to score identical marks. When we analysed our performance after the exams, we were hoping Manya would score more.

The siblings are planning to pursue engineering and are waiting to appear for the JEE Mains.

Talking about the score, Manya said:

I read two years ago about identical twins scoring identical marks. But then I thought it was too much of a coincidence. Still, can’t believe we scored exactly the same as well.

If you’re wondering about cheating, it’s not it.

The 2 have never scored the same scores before, and this one just shocked them.

Manya explained:

There was always a healthy competition between the two of us and it was neck-to-neck. However, we had command on different subjects. I am better at Chemistry while Manasi has better command on Physics.

This one is hilarious and amazing at the same time!

Well, good luck Manya and Mansi! We hope you get what you want in your lives.

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