Barking Hero Dog Leads Filipino Biker To Abandoned Newborn Baby Wrapped In Towel

A biker ended up saving a child after a hero dog led him to an abandoned newborn baby that was wrapped around in a towel.

Junrell Fuentes  Revilla was riding through Sibonga, which is located in Cebu, the Philippines, on Christmas Evening when the dog initially thought was a stray started following him and barking.

The persistent pupper carried on following him and barking for some time, so the man stopped and decided to try and  understand why the dog was really stopping him.

The dog then led him to a grassy patch, where a newborn baby was wrapped in a towel.

The baby still had its umbilical cord attached and Junrell took him to a hospital nearby.

The WCPD (Women and Children’s Protection Desk) confirmed that the biker had reported the incident to the police.

The baby boy was sent into the care of social services, who are currently trying to track down the parents or anybody that might know anything about the little kid that was found abandoned.

The police also asked the public to come forward if they have any information that might help the case.

Hope for Strays, a local animal charity, tracked down the dog and learned that it was not a stray dog.

The dog belongs to Kuya (Brother) Lydon Olingay, a local man, who said that the dog is named Blackie and is 18 months old.

Cash, food, and dog treats were handed out to the owner of Blackie for carrying out the amazing act.

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