Passenger Planes In India Are Grounded After Huge Swarm Of Bees Surround Them

A swarm of bees caused mayhem at an airport in Kolkata, India, after a huge swarm of bees surrounded a bunch of passenger planes.

Yes, bees, not birds, but bees.

Bees settled on an aircraft at around 4 pm on November 29, 2020.

The mayhem resulted in the flight being delayed for a single hour.

Well, that did not stop there.

The bees did go away at that time, but on November 30, 2020, yes 1 day after the incident, the bees came back again and did the same thing.

Sigh, them bees.

Firefighters were called to the scene and water cannons were used to scare the bees away.

The swarm of bees was so big that the lettering of the Vistara name got covered.

The pilot of the plane was interviewed by the Times of India and during the interview, the pilot explained what happened.

The pilot said:

Each aircraft has several small probes to determine the static pressure and the total pressure of airflow around the aircraft. These are extremely sensitive. Even if one bee goes inside the probe, the air-speed indicators can go wrong. And that can be catastrophic.

Well, safety is first and it will always be.

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