Police Arrest 3 Terrorists Involved In June Jammu & Kashmir Terrorist Attack

Jammu and Kashmir: Authorities in the state have arrested 3 terrorists of the Jaish-e-Mohammed group who were involved in the June Terrorists attack in which 6 people were killed.

In the June attack, a Pakistani terrorist carried out the attack and killed 6 people, which includes Arshad Ahmed Khan, a station house officer.

The three were arrested for providing shelter to the Pakistani terrorist.

After the June attack, Altaf Khan, the Senior Superintendent of Police, led teams to investigate the attack and arrest all the people who were involved in it.

The investigations led the police to Irfan, Amir, and Kaisar who are also terrorists.

According to the police, the terrorist from Pakistan stayed in the house of the three arrested men for around 4 days before carrying out the attack in the Anantnag City of the state.

The investigations also revealed that the terrorist from Pakistan was brought in India by Fayaz Punzoo, a local Jaish-e-Mohammed commander.

The attack happened on June 12, 2019, in which 5 CRPF personnel were killed, Arshad Ahmed Khan, a station house officer, succumbed to his injuries 4 days after the attack happened.

SHO Khan went to the area of the attack and was hit by a bullet in his waist.

Amit Shah, the Home Minister of India, went to Jammu and Kashmir after the attack and expressed his condolences to the family members of SHO Khan and visited his house in the state.

Minister Shah also handed out a letter of employment to the wife of SHO Khan.

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