Woman Falls To Death While Posing For Cliffside Picture As She Tried To Celebrate End Of Lockdown

Turkey: A 31-year-old woman from Kazakhstan was killed on Sunday after she plummeted to death while posing for a picture to commemorate the end of the coronavirus lockdown.

Olesia Suspitsina, the 31-year-old woman, had been going for a much-awaited hike in the Anatyla’s picturesque Duden Park after weeks of adhering to the stay at home orders of the country.

To end the quarantine, Olesia scaled a safety barrier so her friend could take a picture of her standing on the edge of the cliff with the majestic waterfalls in the background.

Her picture went south after she slipped on the grass and plunged 115 to her death in front of her companion.

The friend of Olesia called the local authorities.

Authorities located the body of Olesia, who is from Kazakhstan, in the water, and transported it to the Antalya Forensic Medicine Institute’s Morgue.

The police rule the victim’s death an accident.

Olesia was working as a tour guide for 5 years in the region.

Before passing away, she said on Instagram:

I will always admire the beauty of the Turkish nature. This is my paradise.

The deceased was described by her relatives as a smart and very cheerful person.

The dead body of Olesia will be returned to Kazakhstan on Saturday, where she will be interred in her hometown, which is Kostanay.

May your soul rest in peace Olesia.

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends.

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