Rajasthan: Shoot At Sight Order Issued For Leopard That Killed 2 People In 3 Days

The Rajasthan Forest Department has issued a shoot at sight order for a leopard that managed to kill 2 people in less than 3 days in the Amreli District, Gujarat.

The warrant was issued earlier today.

According to reports, the leopard killed Vaju Borad in Mota Munjiyasar Village in Bagasara Taluka of Amreli district, Rajasthan, on Thursday.

On Friday, the same leopard attacked a man in the same village.

On Saturday, the same leopard attacked an agricultural laborer from Rajasthan in Munjiyasar at around 3:15 am.

The laborer that was attacked on Saturday succumbed to his injuries later that day.

The Amreli Forest Department has announced that teams have been formed to capture the leopard that has been in a streak for 1 week.

Authorities have also issued a shoot at sight order for the leopard.

The forest department has assigned a special sharpshooter team to kill the leopard.

Nearly 30 cages have been set up near the village just to capture the man-eating leopard.

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