Two Malaysian Tourists Spend Two Days In A Jail by paying Rs 500 in Telangana

On most days, we turn up, drag ourselves to work, and afterward, when we’re done for the afternoon, we run like A-class ninjas back home to our warm, comfortable beds once more. Such is reality, on most days for all of us.

In any case, at some point, there are a few days when we feel like free creatures and Instagram angels walking the essence of this planet for experience, otherwise known as – vacations! We need to plunge right down to the seabed, para-glide, and bungee bounce – anything to overlook our everyday lives.

However, not these folks. These folks accomplished something we could NEVER put on our agenda. Truth be told, we’d put it on our opposite of schedule, otherwise known as on the rundown of things not to do!

In the event that you saw Ng Inn Wo and his companion Ong Boon Tek around your city with a travel guide, you probably won’t take a glance at them once more. Be that as it may, presently, you will. The dental specialist and the restaurant proprietor separately flew right from Kuala Lumpur to Hyderabad to get imprisoned. No, don’t giggle – this isn’t a joke, and they’re not insane.

Two Malaysian Tourists Spend Two Days In A Jail by paying Rs 500 in Telangana
Two Malaysian Tourists Spend Two Days In A Jail by paying Rs 500 in Telangana

These folks went through an end of the week at the Heritage Jail Museum in Telangana. The Telangana Prison authorities run an interesting prison tourism program called “Feel The Jail,” where anybody can go through 24 hours inside the Sangareddy jail. According to PWD Records, this prison is over 220 years of age and was developed in the year 1796 A.D during the rule of Salar Jung I.

In any case, they appeared to appreciate their vacation. After all the conventions were done, they were given their prison garments and moved to their cell. During their 48-hour program, they did some cultivating, cleaning, and different exercises relegated to detainees. They even appreciated Indian dinners prepared by their kindred detainees (and preferred them!). Frankly, they have a serious story to tell their mates back home. Honestly, how regularly do you get away and make it to the papers of another nation?

In case you’re re-examining your vacation schedule and are enticed to evaluate this marginally unusual, marginal insane; however, extraordinary experience, give the great people at Telangana Jail Tourism a call. They’ll assist you with preparing prison! You need to concede that this thought is an incredible idea. It’s not normal for some other vacationer goal out there.

All things considered, Ng Inn Wo and his companion Ong Boon Tek, we genuinely trust you had a fabulous time in our prison! We, as a rule, attempt to keep away from cuffs and stays with bars, yet we trust your cell was comfortable and charming.

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