Tourists Ordered To Write “I’m Sorry” 500 Times For Breaking Lockdown Rules In India

Around 10 tourists from the United States and other countries were caught by the police breaking the lockdown rules along the banks of the Ganga in Rishikesh.

All the tourists were asked to write “I am sorry” for 500 times for breaking the nationwide lockdown measures that were set by Prime Minister Modi.

Last month, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, announced that India will go into lockdown to stop the spreading of the coronavirus.

The government allows people to go out to buy essential items from a certain amount of time (depending in the state that you are in).

Roaming outside is punishable by law if you do not have a valid reason.

Vinod Sharma, in-charge of the police post in Tapowan, said they were applying the lockdown rules when they saw the tourists roaming around.

The tourists, who are from the United States, Australia, Mexico, and Israel, were ordered to write “I did not follow the lockdown, I am sorry.”

The police said they will be directing hotels and motels in the town to only allow internationals to go outside if they are accompanied by local helpers.

If the internationals are found without helpers, the owners of the hotels will be facing legal consequences.

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