Uttar Pradesh Girl Dead At Lucknow Hospital After Stalker Set Her On Fire

Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh: UP police officials confirmed that the girl that was set on fire by a stalker has passed away at a hospital in Lucknow.

The girl, whose identity was not released to the public, was set on fire by Golu, a man that had been stalking her for some time, earlier this week.

The girl sustained 70 percent burn injuries on her body and died while doctors were treating her at the City Hospital of Lucknow City.

Yogendra Singh, a Circle Officer, said the girl passed away on the evening of Thursday.

The girl was set on fire by Golu on August 21, 2019.

On the night of Wednesday, Golu saw that the girl was alone in her house, he then entered the premises of the house and poured kerosene all over her and set her on fire.

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The girl was brought to a local hospital, but the doctors referred her to Lucknow as her injuries were so severe.

Preliminary investigations revealed Golu was stalking her for some time.

The police have arrested Golu and have filed a case against him for stalking and attempted murder, and murder.

Investigations also revealed that Golu tried to misbehave with the young girl earlier this month. The family members of the girl tried to file a complaint against Golu, but the Hajipur Police Station refused to register their complaint.

The police have also launched an investigation against 3 police officers.

Police Officers Rajesh Yadav, Officer Shah Maholi, and Shashi, a woman help desk constable, are currently being investigated by the police.

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