Vandals Forced To Fix The 16th Century Old Hampi Monument Pillars

4 Men were arrested for Destroying and Vandalizing 16th century old Hampi Monument Pillars
4 Men were arrested for Destroying and Vandalizing 16th century old Hampi Monument Pillars

The vandals who destroyed the 16th century Hampi Monument Pillars in Karnataka were forced to fix the pillars after the local court ordered it.

Recently, a video went viral on Twitter that showed 3 men destroying stone pillars at the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The video clip showed 3 men pushing the stone pillars, the video also showed the pillars falling to the ground. The group of men also did the same thing to the pillars, you can see them in the video.

The men who were seen in the video and the person who took the video were taken to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and were forced to fix the pillars, Archaeological Survey of India officials was also present when they were fixing the pillars. The men were fined INR 70,000 each.

3 men were arrested after they pushed the pillars, the other man was shooting the video.

The video that was posted online raised questions about the safety of the heritage sites that are present in the country. The locals protested and demanded security to the 16th-century monuments.

DK Shivakumar the Water Resource Minister said that the government is not going to tolerate any acts that would damage the historic sites and they will charge anyone who tries to vandalize or destroy them.

Hampi is a village that is located in the northwest part of Karnataka, it used to be the capital city of the Vijayanagar Empire. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in India, the place is known for its rich architectural structures and remains of the temples that spread throughout the area. It is a famous place for local tourists and foreigners.

Hampi is on the list of the New York Times 52 must go sites in the world, it sits on the second place of the list.






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