Kerala: Taxi Driver Arrested After Harassing Female Air India Pilot

On Friday, an Air India female Pilot was harassed at the Thiruvananthapuram Airport by a taxi driver.

This happened when the pilot from Air India arrived at the Thiruvananthapuram Airport and was waiting for her taxi at the taxi kiosk, the taxi stand had CCTV Cameras.

The Air India pilot said this in a social media post that she made: “I’m waiting for the transport, after work and this illiterate hooligan stops his car a few feet away from me and decides to catcall and harass me, ‘Hey baby, come with me’ and speeds away in his car.”

The female pilot decided to report the matter to the police, she even reported the matter to Shashi Tharoor, a local lawmaker, but sadly she did not get any response from the lawmaker. The Air India pilot did report the incident to the manager of the airport, the car that was being driven by the driver is registered in Kerala.

The Police got access to the CCTV that was installed at the Taxi Kiosk, after taking a close look at the footage they found the registration number of the card. The police arrested the driver but his identity is still to be released. He was arrested on the basis of sexual harassment.

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