New Delhi Police arrest 19-year-old boy for killing 73-year-old grandmother because she refused to give him money for New Year Party

New Delhi, India: A 19-year-old boy has been arrested by the police for murdering his grandmother with a hammer.

It was was said by the New Delhi police that the boy killed his 73-year-old grandmother because she refused to give him money for a new year party that he wanted to carry out.

On Sunday evening, the New Delhi police responded to a call from a home in the Shahdara Neighborhood.

They were told that an elderly woman had been hit on the head with a hammer.

Upon arriving at the scene, the police found the body of Satish Jolly slumped in a chair.

There was a bloody hammer lying on the floor and blood stains everywhere in the room.

Satish Jolly Lived on the ground floor of her house in Rohtash Nagar, Shahdara.

Sanjay, her elder son, lives on the first floor with his wife and 2 other children.

Manoj, the second son of the woman, lives in an area.

Karan, the grandson of Satish Jolly, asked money from the grandmother, and when she refused to give some, he did the crime.

After killing her own grandmother, he stole Rs. 18,000 and fled the scene.

Jolly was 73 when she was killed.

The body of Jolly was recovered on the morning of Sunday when the son of the woman came downstairs to find his mother.

The man called his brother because her room was locked from inside and upon breaking open, they saw the mother dead.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Karan borrowed a hammer from a tenant in the building.

He was arrested after his own father phoned him and ordered him to return to the house.

Karan later revealed to the authorities that he used to borrow money from his grandmother.

He also said that he got really angry when she refused the request.

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