Student Safety Still An Illusion In MS Ramaiah College Area?

One of the most prominent institutions in India for the past 50 years where students from all across the country come as well as abroad come for better opportunities. An undeniable sense of unsafe college environment has swept the grounds of Bangalore after the following incident. A student from reputed college currently doing his business management course was abducted with most ruthless reasons that exist, for money. To ask ransom a gang of five, one member identified as an expelled student of MS Ramaiah, together carried out the abduction.

The victim, Ahmed Mishal along with his two friends was on spree of eating in a restraint at the time in MSR Nagar. He was accompanied with Mirza and Shamid when the group charged in and kidnapped them. Out of the five, three accused were identified as Deepu(Unni), Manish and Nausheen(Sanju).


The three victims were kept the hostage in a room in Mathikere. The gang assaulted them to brutal extend and used lethal weapons to harm them. Their belongings that included wallets were taken from them. With the sole aim of acquiring ransom, the three victims were tortured and after which, Mirza and Shamid were released from their capture. The two were released because it’s the second time they were abducted. This is a common thing in MS Ramaiah area but due to the fear of the goons, nobody ever came front to report about it.

Ahmed Mishal, the resident of Dollars Colony wasn’t released and was continued to be tortured. Further, the gang demanded 5 lakhs rupees to release Mishal from his friends. Mishal initially pleaded to ask the amount from his father, but the gang refused and asked him to get the ransom money through his friends.

Mishal contacted his cousin for help. His cousin informed few of his friends and gathered local support to search for Mishal. His cousin also made a move in informing police and filing a complaint in Sadashivanagar Police Station. The source person was sent to collect money on behalf of the kidnappers. Seeing a large number of people, the source person fled and informed the kidnappers of his findings.

The gang released Mishal near his residence and warned him to avoid any police complaint. He was supposed to zip his mouth after the incidence. The victim took braver step after getting treated in hospital and voiced his complaints.

The victim brought to light the incident and mentioned that similar incidents have occurred in the past. One of the incidents was also registered three months ago in Sadashivanagar Police Station.

The hooligans have frightened the students with their official support. These incidents are recurring in nature with the same college students. To end this black shadow of abduction, none have voiced their outrage or filed a complaint.

Pertaining to the same, now, the police have registered under section 307, 386 and 384 as per FIR copy. Demeaning fact is the safety of students is at stake and everyone are at a disadvantage of blinding away from the same.

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