427 tourists evacuated from North Sikkim after being stranded for 4 days

427 tourists were evacuated on June 20, 2019, from North Sikkim after being stranded in the state for 4 days due to heavy rain.

The rain damaged the connecting roads of the northern district of the state.

The government of the district arranged transportation for the tourists so they could go to Gangtok, which is located 130 kilometers away from North Sikkim.

The army present in the northern district of Sikkim also sent vehicles so they could help evacuate the tourists who have been stranded in the district for 4 days.

Officials of the district handed out snacks to the tourists before they were sent back to Gangtok.

Due to a cloud burst, the Teesta River has been flowing above the normal mark.

Tourists who needed medical attention were checked out by doctors.

The Travel Agents Association of Sikkim handed out free food and allowed the tourists to stay at the lanchen for free.

More than 60 tourist vehicles were stranded between Lachen and Zema in North Sikkim, this is all happened due to heavy rain.

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