46-Year-Old Man Admits Killing 25-Year-Old Girlfriend Before Flushing Her Body Parts Down The Toilet

A 46-year-old man admitted that he killed his 25-year-old girlfriend before dismembering her body and flushing some of her body parts down the toilet.

Erik Francisco Robledo said he killed Ingrid Escamilla Vargas in the municipality of Gustavo A. Madero in Mexico City.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Robledo murdered Vargas after an argument broke out between the two.

Neighbors reportedly called the Citizen Safety Secretary when they saw Robledo coming out of the building.

According to reports Robledo was covered in blood when he came out of the building.

Images that were shared with the public showed Robledo sitting in a car with his head bandages and blood all over his chest.

He was talking to a policeman when the pictures were taken.

Robledo told the police that he and Vargas were drinking when the argument started.

Robledo said, “We started to argue and we fought. She said she wanted to kill me and I said do it.”

Robledo added, “She took a knife and I said do it at once. She stabbed me once and I said do it stronger. And she tried two more times.”

Robledo said he dismembered the dead body of Vargas as he did not want anyone to know about the murder.

He said, “I used the same knife she attacked me with to stab her in her throat. I threw pieces of her dead body to the drainage system because I felt ashamed.”

Upon searching the house, the police found the kitchen knife that Robledo used to dismember Vargas.

The police said there was a lot of blood in the apartment when they searched it.

Local media said the police found a plastic bag with body items a couple of blocks away from the apartment.

The police have launched a murder investigation against Robledo.

The police are now trying to find the family of Vargas, they are believed to live in a different area.

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