Saudi Arabian woman killed by own brothers because she had “Snapchat” and was using it

A woman from Saudi Arabia was killed by her own brothers because she had a Snapchat account and was using it.

The claims were made by the sister of 26-year-old Qamar, the victim.

On social media, #SaveManalSisterofQamar went viral on internet.

The slogan refers to Qamar, who went missing in Al-Kharj, an area in Central Saudi Arabia.

She went missing on January 19, 2021, her body was found buried in the desert.

Manal, the sister of the victim, said that her brothers are the one that carried out the crime.

She said that her brothers got extremely angry after finding out that she had a public Snapchat account.

After Manal wrote about the case on social media, she was reportedly detained by the Al-Kharj police.

The police are telling her to stop publicizing the death of her sister.

Women rights activists are currently flooding social media with the hashtag, hoping to shine a light on honor killing in the country .

Honor killing is extremely popular in Islamic Countries along with India and other countries in Asia.

Honor Killing refers to the murder of a person, mostly a woman or a girl, for defying social norms of their culture, religion, and community.

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