5-Year-Old Boy Takes Heroin To School And Said Drug Makes Him Feel Like “Spider-Man”

A “Show and Tell” activity in Massachusetts went horribly wrong after a 5-year-old boy bought a bag of heroin to school.

The 5-year-old boy had no clue about what the object was, but the teacher that was handling him was horrified when the boy brought out the bag of heroin that had the “Spider-Man” logo on it.

The teacher was terrified when the boy said the powder made him feel like the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

According to the police, the 5-year-old boy brought the bag of heroin to the school during a show and tell event at the Lawrence Elementary School in Holyoke, Massachusetts last week.

The teacher then went out to tell the principal about the incident, and the principal then went out to contact the police.

Lt. Jim Albert of the Holyoke Police said the 5-year-old boy showed the bag of heroin to his teacher and made the bizarre claim.

As part of the precautions, the authorities brought the 5-year-old to the hospital to make sure he was right.

Authorities said the boy did not ingest the drug.

Authorities then launched an investigation about the incident and went to the house of the boy, where they found his dad.

Benny Garcia, the father of the boy, was found with 40 bags of cocaine and 70 bags of heroin inside his house.

According to Lt. Jim Albert of the Holyoke Police, an outstanding warrant for Garcia’s arrest was already due to some narcotics charges.

Benny Garcia is now facing more charges due to the school incident.

During the house raid, authorities found an infant inside the house.

The 5-year-old boy and the infant were brought into child protective services.

Garcia has been remanded in custody until a court appearance, which is to happen this week.

The court hearing will determine if he will be allowed for bail.

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